2019 4th Annual Infill Tour

On June 15th, we held our 2019 Annual IDEA Infill Tour showcasing some of the best infill projects—and builders in Edmonton. This year, nine diverse projects were featured diversity of infill to include a secondary suite, triplex, single family homes, and commercial spaces.

The tour aims to raise awareness of the importance of infill projects and offers tangible examples of the benefits: inclusivity, environmental and financial sustainability, neighbourhood health & renewal, improved walkability / accessibility, and more. Those on the tour were able to talk to the experts already successfully navigating through the unique challenges and rewards of infill builds. 

Congratulations to all those builders who’s projects were included: Urban Sky Development, Effect Homes, Hibco and Avid, ArtHouse, Ndura, BattersbyHowat, TimberHaus, Accent Infills, Single Tree Builders, and to the People’s Choice Award Winner TimberHaus.



Join us for a one time only behind the scenes tour of the newest mixed-use building in the heart of Chinatown in Downtown Edmonton! 

Built and hosted by Euro Design Master Builder, come enjoy some drinks and get a first-hand look at an exciting new development in our community.

The site features a combination of two residential and one commercial space which allows the flexibility for the upstairs apartments to provide the additional cash flow for the client whilst offering them the ability to work in and own the property.

Tickets are limited! See you soon
Date: April 10th
Time: 6:30 pm

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On Thursday November 1st 2018, we will be hearing from a panel of influential Edmontonians who are passionate about seeing Edmonton continue to grow as a vibrant and sustainable city. With budget talks currently underway throughout the City, it is important to learn about how we can grow together. This group has a diverse background and each of their sectors play an important role in how Edmonton grows. 

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Miles Berry - Greater Hardisty Coalition 
Miles is an active member of the Greater Hardisty Community Sustainability Coalition who wants to see walkable improvements to Edmonton to support the businesses and encourage more residential density. The Greater Hardisty Coalition has worked successfully with industry and city admin to 

Joshua Benard
 - Program Director of Affordable Housing, Alberta Rural Development Network
Joshua is a dynamic, resourceful, and results-oriented Program Director responsible for driving affordable housing initiatives, negotiating land acquisition deals, and cultivating lasting partnerships with prominent members of local, provincial, and federal governments. He Founded the Alberta Rural Development Network’s (ARDN) affordable housing program as the Program Director and successfully raised over $30 million in project funding in 18 months.

Sean Lee - Planner at City of Edmonton 
As a Planner tasked with Edmonton's Core & Mature Communities, Sean has managed a complex and diverse portfolio of private-sector driven projects- from multi-billion dollar Transit Oriented Development sites to finer grained mixed-use infill development. He is also the Chair of ETSAB - Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board. Sean leads a Council-appointed Board of 12 members who advise City Council, Edmonton Transit, and the Administration on all aspects of providing transit to Edmontonians and the metro region.

Tegan Martian-Drysdale - President of Redbrick Development, Co-founder of Homestead 
Tegan is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited civil engineer who has broad experience overseeing how buildings come together from multiple perspectives, be they from that of the designer, architect, contractor or supplier, all the way to the client. She also volunteered on key city and community initiatives. From being the co-chair for Make Something Edmonton and Next Gen. 

Nathalia Osorio Orozco - Reseach Associate at the University of Alberta in Urban and Regional Planning 
Nathalia conducting a research project on pedestrian mobility, aiming to increase the importance of pedestrians' experience in urban design. She is developing a map-based mobile app that allows people to rate the walkability of any urban space and share various aspects of their experience at walking. 

IDEA has decided that the Secondary Suite changes are too exciting to not celebrate!


As a community we have worked for a few years to allow secondary suites to be permitted everywhere. So, let’s leave work a little early on Thursday September 6th to play giant Jenga and cheers to this big win. Mogul Realty will be talking about their experiences with secondary suites. Salisbury Landscaping will also be sharing their experience and expert knowledge about landscaping for infill homes!

Be ready to play because our new Events Director James and Mariah our Executive Director are competitive.

Drinks are included with your ticket

Tickets are $5.00.  If you buy 5 tickets the 6th is free. Don’t leave your friends behind 😉
Email Mariah with the name of your 6th person. mariah@infilledmonton.com

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IDEA 2018 Self-guided INFILL TOUR

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out for the 2018 Self-guided Infill tour! 

This years tour was all about meeting the people who build, live and love infill. So many times we just see photos in the paper but there are amazing people who build these projects. This was a chance not only to see amazing properties but to talk to the people who built them. 

We had over 100 people go through the seven sites that included a Mirrored Dragon Garage Suite, Semi-Detached with an oasis rooftop patio and a commercial infill space in a mature neighbourhood that so many love. 

Please send us your feedback, it will help inform how the 2019 Infill Tour takes shape. 

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Photographer: Benjamin Truong you can find him on Instagram @benjamin_tr

Thank you to our sponsor Mogul Realty Group who helped make this day possible!

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Spring Refill with Infill

Spring has come, sort of hahaha.. 

Join us this April at the Hilltop Pub for the Spring Edition of Refill with Infill! With redevelopment poping up in the Capilano Neighbourhood we wanted to come out and support a local buisness, meet the neighbours and swap infill stories. 

This month we will be focused on Medium Scale development and how it should be reflected in the Zoning Bylaw. We will also have copys of our new Stratgic Plan for 2018! 

Refill with Infill was created to connect the urbanists in Edmonton. It is a great way to meet other people in the infill industry as well as the community.

Tickets: Spring Refill with Infill
See you soon! 

Let's Be Candid: An Infill Q+A with #YEGvote Candidates

On September 28th we hosted a City Wide Infill Candidate Forum! Twenty-two candidates from around Edmonton came out to discuss their views on infill and how we should handle it going forward. 

This was an opportunity to not only talk to your potential Councillor and Mayor but also a way to find out what the other candidates will be making decisions for the whole city. 

Don't forget to vote on October 16th!!! 


A Dialogue at Dialog: The Missing Middle

A Huge thank you to our sponsors for helping us put on this event (1).jpg

Thank you so much for attending our Missing Middle event! We hope you enjoyed the conversations as much as we did!

As a non-profit advocacy group we are working with City Council and City Administration to take down barriers to infill. We really appreciate all experiences and feedback you provided us. It goes a long way in changing Edmonton's infill story. We are working on consolidating your feedback so make sure you stay turned and read the
research paper our Policy Committee is working on! 

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Dialog and Blue Collar Electric for sponsoring the evening.

To stay up to date on our events and projects you can become a member!

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Refill with Infill: Urbanized Film Screening

"Who is allowed to shape our cities, and how do they do it?" That is the exact question we want to ask, and the question we need to address as a city. Edmonton is changing - our people, streets, and businesses are evolving by the year as we become a more livable metropolitan area. Infill is not new to the global conversation, but it’s a growing trend in our city and one that we should be embracing.

So let’s talk about it - what do you have to say? Join us on Wednesday, July 26th, at Edmonton's newest infill project in Ritchie for a viewing of the short documentary Urbanized, sponsored by Dialog.

"Urbanized is a feature-length documentary about the design of cities, which looks at the issues and strategies behind urban design and features some of the world's foremost architects, planners, policymakers, builders, and thinkers. Who is allowed to shape our cities, and how do they do it? By exploring a diverse range of urban design projects around the world, Urbanized frames a global discussion on the future of cities."

Stick around for refreshments after the screening and share your unique perspective on infill in our city with other Edmontonians.

Door prize for a $100.00 gift card from The Needle

Wednesday July 26 2017 5:00 PM MDT
Ritchie Market, 9570 76 Ave, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Tickets: https://www.picatic.com/refillwithinfill

Thank you so much to our food sponsor! RedBrick Real Estate Services

Infill Tour 2017

Ages and Stages!! What type of home do you need for all the ages and stages of your life? Have you ever considered how your needs might change?

We are proud to work with City of Edmonton and Heritage Council to put on this years Infill Tour. in 2015 the tour was over subscribed by 3X so we have opened up a self guided portion this year to accomodate everyone. We hope you enjoy and we will see you there! 

Tickets here: 

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Refill With Infill - Last Thursday of Every Month

Join us this month for our Refill with Infill night the last Thursday of every month!
Come and tell us all about your thoughts and experiences around infill! 
We are excited to learn and share knowledge to help promote infill throughout all of Edmonton. 
We will be taking your advice and knowledge and advocating for you at Council so make sure you tell us what barriers you are experiencing. 

Check out our Instagram and twitter to see where the next one will be held. 
Twitter @infilledmonton
Instagram @infilledmonton