On Thursday November 1st 2018, we will be hearing from a panel of influential Edmontonians who are passionate about seeing Edmonton continue to grow as a vibrant and sustainable city. With budget talks currently underway throughout the City, it is important to learn about how we can grow together. This group has a diverse background and each of their sectors play an important role in how Edmonton grows. 

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Miles Berry - Greater Hardisty Coalition 
Miles is an active member of the Greater Hardisty Community Sustainability Coalition who wants to see walkable improvements to Edmonton to support the businesses and encourage more residential density. The Greater Hardisty Coalition has worked successfully with industry and city admin to 

Joshua Benard
 - Program Director of Affordable Housing, Alberta Rural Development Network
Joshua is a dynamic, resourceful, and results-oriented Program Director responsible for driving affordable housing initiatives, negotiating land acquisition deals, and cultivating lasting partnerships with prominent members of local, provincial, and federal governments. He Founded the Alberta Rural Development Network’s (ARDN) affordable housing program as the Program Director and successfully raised over $30 million in project funding in 18 months.

Sean Lee - Planner at City of Edmonton 
As a Planner tasked with Edmonton's Core & Mature Communities, Sean has managed a complex and diverse portfolio of private-sector driven projects- from multi-billion dollar Transit Oriented Development sites to finer grained mixed-use infill development. He is also the Chair of ETSAB - Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board. Sean leads a Council-appointed Board of 12 members who advise City Council, Edmonton Transit, and the Administration on all aspects of providing transit to Edmontonians and the metro region.

Tegan Martian-Drysdale - President of Redbrick Development, Co-founder of Homestead 
Tegan is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accredited civil engineer who has broad experience overseeing how buildings come together from multiple perspectives, be they from that of the designer, architect, contractor or supplier, all the way to the client. She also volunteered on key city and community initiatives. From being the co-chair for Make Something Edmonton and Next Gen. 

Nathalia Osorio Orozco - Reseach Associate at the University of Alberta in Urban and Regional Planning 
Nathalia conducting a research project on pedestrian mobility, aiming to increase the importance of pedestrians' experience in urban design. She is developing a map-based mobile app that allows people to rate the walkability of any urban space and share various aspects of their experience at walking.