IDEA 2018 Self-guided INFILL TOUR

Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come out for the 2018 Self-guided Infill tour! 

This years tour was all about meeting the people who build, live and love infill. So many times we just see photos in the paper but there are amazing people who build these projects. This was a chance not only to see amazing properties but to talk to the people who built them. 

We had over 100 people go through the seven sites that included a Mirrored Dragon Garage Suite, Semi-Detached with an oasis rooftop patio and a commercial infill space in a mature neighbourhood that so many love. 

Please send us your feedback, it will help inform how the 2019 Infill Tour takes shape. 

Photo from Murmz !.jpg

Photographer: Benjamin Truong you can find him on Instagram @benjamin_tr

Thank you to our sponsor Mogul Realty Group who helped make this day possible!

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