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June 2019

NEW Asbestos Management & Utilities Disconnect Form
A new Asbestos Management and Utilities Disconnect form is now available for use. The previous Asbestos Management form dated January 2019 will still be accepted until July 2, 2019. 
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Plumbing Stacks & Plumbing Ground Works Compliance Programs
With the implementation of new efficiency initiatives in October 2019, the City is going to discontinue both the Plumbing Stack (PSCR)and the Plumbing Groundworks (PGWCR)Compliance reporting programs.  
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Coming July 2019: Online Commercial Permits
In early July 2019, the City of Edmonton will launch new online services for commercial permit projects. This includes development and building permits for new buildings, additions, alterations, tenant improvements, change of use, demolitions, as well as hoarding and cranes.   
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The Urban Form Business Transformation Initiative will help streamline key planning and development services to improve customer service and address concerns raised by the development industries. More information available online

  • Subdivision Process Improvement: Submit your Endorsement Packages Online Read more

  • Rezoning Redesign: Target Timelines are Approved Read more

  • Building Better Together: Timelines for Simple Projects & Service Channel For Complex Projects Read more

  • Customer Oriented Website Enhancements: Website Changes for Development & Building Permits Read more

November 2018

eServices Updates

Semi-detached and Row House (3 or 4 units) Permit Applications Now Online
Semi-detached and Row House (3 or 4 units) Permit applications can now be made online at This service includes online application submissions, payments, and status reports.

Similar to the recent Single Detached House Permit online service, you can:

  • Start and save applications, allowing them to be completed at a later date

  • View application requirements based on the property

  • Submit permit applications and documents online

  • See fees owing and pay online

  • Check the status of their application at any time and see if action is required

  • Download approved permit documents

Applications can be made for all types of Semi-detached, Duplex or Row House Permits (up to four units). To suit your project, you have to option to apply for:

  • Development and Building Permits together with the option to apply for the Building Permit later

  • Footing and Foundation Only Building Permits

Hard-copy permit applications for Semi-detached and Row House Permits received after November 24,2017 will be digitized. Digitized documents help City staff by adopting consistent workflow, review and approval processes. Now applicants will receive their permit documents electronically. In the Online Services Dashboard at, documents, plans and approved permits will be available for download, print or to view status 24/7 on desktop and mobile devices.

Please note: Applicants must have an online permit and inspections account prior to application. Account registration is available here.

Footing and Foundation Only Building Permits for Semi-detached and Row Housebuildings
Effective November 24, 2017, the Footing and Foundation Only Building Permit for Semi-detached and Row House buildings up to four units has been updated to apply to all zones, Mature Neighbourhood Overlay (MNO), and no longer excludes zoning or building variances. This Permit allows builders to begin excavation and foundation work once the associated Development Permit has been issued and any required Demolition Permit is issued. An applicant qualifies for an expedited code review by providing:

  • Confirmation of specified preconditions for eligibility

  • New Home Warranty and Builder Licence documentation or Owner-Builder Authorization

  • Foundation engineering and main floor layouts as applicable to the project

  • Complete permit application for any existing structures that need to be demolished

You can apply online for the Footing and Foundation Only Building Permits as part of the Semi-detached and Row House application. 

For more information, contact Jeff Salame at

Aug 21, 2018

We did it! It is now official, Secondary Suites are now allowed throughout Edmonton in all single family homes, duplexes, semi-detached and, row housing! Thank you to everyone who contacted their Councillor, it made a big difference! 

What exactly has changed?

  1. Allow secondary suites in semi-detached and duplex housing wherever these housing forms are allowed.

  2. Allow secondary suites in row housing wherever these housing forms are allowed.

  3. Remove the minimum lot size requirement for secondary suites, creating opportunities for secondary suites on narrow or smaller lots across the city.

  4. Adjust the maximum floor area for secondary suites built above grade, or partially above grade to increase flexibility in interior layout. Overall building size and massing will continue to be regulated through site coverage, setback, and height restrictions. In instances where a proposed secondary suite does not meet the criteria of being subordinate to the principal dwelling, the Development Officer is able to deem these units to be semi-detached, duplex, or stacked row housing development and regulate accordingly.

Aug 15 2018

**NEW** OH&S Legislation

On June 1, 2018, Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) introduced new legislation which has raised awareness for both contractor and inspection team responsibilities.  
The City of Edmonton has embraced this legislation and are continually striving to improve our services to our industry partners by being consistent and accountable for our team safety on job sites across the city. Read more

July 12, 2018

Now Available Online Permits for Detached Garages & Demolitions

Builders and contractors can now apply for demolition and detached garage permits online. These can be applied for individually or added to a house permit project (including the Expedited Program). Read more

REVISED Footing and Foundation Inspection Process

The refined footing and foundation inspection process was launched on June 22. Builders may have received the response no inspection required when attempting to schedule a footing and foundation inspection online. Read more

REVISED Engineered Floor/Roof Layouts: On-site Approvals

Minor revisions to engineered floor/roof layouts may now be left on site to be reviewed by the field inspector. Read more


May 2018:

Footing and Foundation Inspection Changes

By the end of May, home builders with a proven positive track record will see a reduction in the number of footing and foundation inspections required for their projects. The change is being led by the City of Edmonton's Urban Form Business Transformation Initiative. Read more

Building Permit Applications - New Home Warranty

When completing a building permit application,  ensure to submit one of the following pertaining to a New Home Warranty: the Owner-Builder Authorization (warranty exemption letter) from the Owner-Builder Registry or the Warranty document from the New Home Warranty Registry, which displays the warranty registration ID and builder licensing information.
Review the submission requirements for single detached house applications.

If you have any questions or concerns, email

Effective June 1, 2018 : OHS Act Revisions

The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act establishes minimum standards for healthy and safe practices in Alberta workplaces. These laws are enforced through inspections, investigations, orders, administrative penalties, fines and prosecutions.
OHS Act Revisions

Expanding our Online Permit Application Options

The City of Edmonton is adding 5 more permit types to the online application service. Read more

NEW Development Permit Inspections Video

The City of Edmonton is proud to introduce a new video to their Developing Edmonton video series: Development Permit Inspections.
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Safety Codes, Permits & Inspections - Summer Hours

In an ongoing effort to enhance customer service, Safety Codes Permits & Inspections has established summer hours.
Effective June 11 thru September 28, 2018, Safety Codes Officers will be conducting site inspections between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:30 pm.


April 2018:

No More Combo Permits! 

Effective April 6, 2018, the online Single Detached House Permit application process has been changed to allow for separate Development and Building Permits. We talked to City administration about how important it is to have the Development Permit prior to applying for the Building Permit.

Building Permits can now be applied for online at the same time or any time following the Development Permit application.Garden Suite Permit applications can now be made online as well. 

Updates to Amenity Area Requirements

On February 26, 2018, New regulations for amenity area were passed. A defined amenity area is no longer required for single and semi-detached homes. Read more

Pre-Application Meeting for Infill and Major Developments

Pre Application Meetings are offered for Major Development Permits and small-scale residential infill development proposals. We have heard from multiple people that these meetings have been very useful. For more information on Pre-Application meetings, visit the City's website or to submit a meeting request, click here.

Implementations of Recent Municipal Government Act Changes in the Zoning Bylaw

The Municipal Government Act (MGA), which governs municipalities’ roles and responsibilities related to development and subdivision, was recently amended. Changes come into effect on May 1, 2018. Summary here: Read more

Residential Construction Guide

The Residential Construction Guide was recently updated with IDEA's help. This is a resource to provide information for residential construction in Edmonton. It has information about permits and consultation. The new guide is now available online for your reference.

There is a new Installation Guide for New Residential Utility Service: standardized installation guide

March 2018: 

Infill Conversation Fairs
The City has opened up registration for the Conversations Fairs on March 14th and March 20th. At these three hour drop-in events, we will be showing you the revised draft actions and will be asking you for your advice on how to improve them before we present them to City Council this summer. These two events will be the final in-person public engagement opportunities for the Evolving Infill project. Folks attending may want to take a look at our previous work building up to this stage in the Ideas to Actions document. 

Below are links to the two events. Each link will bring you to a registration page for that specific event:
Conversation Fair - Wednesday, March 14, 2018: Chateau Louis & Conference Centre - 6 - 9 pm; and
Conversation Fair - Tuesday, March 20, 2018: Chateau Louis & Conference Centre - 6 - 9 pm

FREE Insulation and Air Sealing Training

Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering online training for building envelope principles. This training provides the audience information to be proficient in the installation of insulation, vapour barriers, air barriers and sealants from the perspective of a house as a system. This training is seen as beneficial to understand the theory behind key items in the energy code.

For more information, contact Juan Monterrosa at

Energuide Compliance Forms-Updated

As of February 13, 2018, a NEW compliance path for Single Family Homes and Semi-detached Homes is available for 9.36 compliance.  The application formsfor Prescriptive, Trade-Off and Performance Path have all been updated.

For more information on the application and process, contact Juan Monterrosa at

Footing and Foundation Compliance Report

Effective March 5, 2018, the City of Edmonton will be accepting the new Footing and Foundation Compliance Report. This new form will allow FFCR approvals for single family, semi-detached and for row houses up to four units.

For more information, email