IDEA Board

IDEA's Purpose: IDEA Drives Change Toward People Centered Communities. 
To create people centered communities we have created the below committees to ensure  work progresses and
people are at the center of everything Edmonton does. 


Vice President
Past Prseident

Strategic Committees

This Committee will help bring together urbanist groups to help share knowledge, barriers and solutions to current issues. This group will work together to support each others initiatives. 

  • Chair
  • Committee Members 

Educational Program
This Committee will create and execute educational programs about infill and urban topics to help all stakeholders  increase their knowledge. 

  • Chair (Open) 
  • Committee Members (open)

Commercial Strategy
This Committee will be identifying the current barriers to commercial infill in Edmonton and creating strategies to resolve them. 

  • Chair 
  • Committee Members 

The Policy  Committee focuses on two main things. First is researching and responding to City reports and inquiries. Second, the committee researches topical issues to create recommendations.  

  • Chair 
  • Committee Members 

Cross Functional Committees

This Committee will help communicate the needs of the other committee outwardly. This committee will also create a strategic plan to effectively communicate key topics, issues and IDEA events. 

  • Chair 
  • Committee Members (open)

Data and Analytics
This Committee will help create data and analytics to increase awareness about IDEA, KPI's for IDEA initiatives and topics about infill/urbanism. 

  • Chair 
  • Committee Members (open)

This Committee will choose which events IDEA should focus on and execute. Different committee members will be in charge of different events. Example Refill with Infill, Infill Tour. 

  • Chair  
  • Committee Members (open)

A strong interest in urbanism.
The ability to discuss issues on a city-wide basis.
The ability to articulate viewpoints in a respectful manner.
You must be a member to hold a position. 
A commitment of an average of 5 hours per month for sub-committee members and 10 - 15 for chair positions. (depending on position) 

All committees have openings in committee member positions. 

If you are interested in a board position or learning more please email Mariah Samji at

All Committee have openings in committee member positions. 
If you are interested in any of these committees or chair positions please contact our Executive Director at