IDEA is a community of committed Edmontonians passionate about the positive transformation of our mature and existing neighbourhoods.

The Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA) is a proactive advocacy group that provides education and resources on infill development to the community and industry. We help to connect organizations, experts, businesses and individuals in order to encourage high quality and vibrant infill development in greater Edmonton.

Our membership includes designers, architects, builders, developers, property owners, realtors, financers, policy-makers, and community members-at-large who share a forward-looking vision of an Edmonton that is vibrant, walkable, efficient, flexible, resilient, sustainable, and healthy. 

We advocate for positive transformation of our mature and existing neighbourhoods, aiming to connect, educate, and help shape policy to ensure this vision shapes the future of our city.


PRESIDENT - Mick Graham - Builder, Singletree Builders
VICE-PRESIDENT - Tegan Martin-Drysdale - Developer, RedBrick Development
TREASURER - Antoine Palmer - President, Sparrow Capital
PAST PRESIDENT - Tai Ziola - Architect, Dialog Design

Policy Director - Marcelo Figueira - Senior Planner/Urban Designer, Pario Plan
Research & Innovation Director – William Yin, Builder, BM Homes
Communications Director - Natalie Harper - Managing Director Harper PR
Sponsorship Director - David M. Botwick-Ries - Community Manager Homestead
Industry Liaison - Richard Nault - Builder, UrbanAge Homes
Community Liaison  - Chelsey Jersak - Principal, Situate
Community Liaison - Graeme Bell, Regional Partner, Alair Homes
Director At Large - Louis Pereira,  Designer, Thirdstone Inc. 

Chair - Marcelo Figueira
Member - Louis Pereira
Member - Lindsay Salloum
Member - Tyler Dixon
Member- Andrew Chell