2019 4th Annual Infill Tour

On June 15th, we held our 2019 Annual IDEA Infill Tour showcasing some of the best infill projects—and builders in Edmonton. This year, nine diverse projects were featured diversity of infill to include a secondary suite, triplex, single family homes, and commercial spaces.

The tour aims to raise awareness of the importance of infill projects and offers tangible examples of the benefits: inclusivity, environmental and financial sustainability, neighbourhood health & renewal, improved walkability / accessibility, and more. Those on the tour were able to talk to the experts already successfully navigating through the unique challenges and rewards of infill builds. 

Congratulations to all those builders who’s projects were included: Urban Sky Development, Effect Homes, Hibco and Avid, ArtHouse, Ndura, BattersbyHowat, TimberHaus, Accent Infills, Single Tree Builders, and to the People’s Choice Award Winner TimberHaus.

Thank you to the Infill Tour Sponsors who help us make this tour possible!

UpComing POlicy changes

Medium Scale Housing Review May 21, 2019 Urban Planning Committee Motion - At the July 9, 2018
Going to: Urban Planning Committee

Allow 60 square metres on the second storey of garden suites that meet inclusive design standards and provide accessible units in mature and established neighbourhood zones (3).png



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