What is coming up at Council

City of Edmonton's Zoning Bylaw work plan

Important Council Dates

Analysis of Development Permit Variances - 2017 Annual Report
May 1, 2018 Urban Planning Committee

Cannabis Sales - Zoning Framework
May 7,
2018 City Council Public Hearing

Sign Review - Phase 1: Digital Signs
May 7
, 2018 Urban Planning Committee

Clarifying Regulations and Reducing Barriers for Businesses and
Special Events
June 5,
2018 City Council Public Hearing

RA9 High Rise Apartment Zone Review (Information Report)
June 11,
2018 City Council Public Hearing

Context-based Approach for Architectural Design in Low-density Residential Areas
June 19,
2018 Urban Planning Committee

Missing Middle Zoning Bylaw Review
July 3,
2018 Urban Planning Committee

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