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Zoning Bylaw Amendment - Garden Suites February 25, 2019
Going to: Public Hearing

Motion - At the October 2, 2018 Urban Planning Committee meeting, the following motion was passed: That Administration prepare amendments to Zoning Bylaw 12800 as generally outlined in Attachment 3 of the October 30, 2018, Urban Form and Corporate Strategic Development report CR_5113, and return to a future City Council Public Hearing

Cannabis Legalization February 25, 2019
Going to: Public Hearing

Administration Initiated - To remove regulation 70.6.b related to Development Permits for Cannabis Retail Sales.

Zoning of Affordable and Supportive Housing March 19, 2019
Going to: Urban Planning Committee

That Administration conduct a review of how other cities zone for affordable housing generally and permanent support housing specifically; how other cities handle the permitting process, what options might exist for expedited approvals and solicit input from existing housing providers in Edmonton about challenges they face with the zoning bylaw and their suggestions for improvements.

Zoning Bylaw Renewal UPC Report #1 - Principles and Approach April 9
Going to:
Urban Planning Committee

2019 Urban Planning Committee Administration initiated - Identified opportunity to improve the usability, policy alignment and effectiveness of Zoning Bylaw 12800

Comprehensive Review of Parking April 23, 2019
Going to:
Urban Planning Committee

That the Development Services Branch Operating Budget be increased by $150,000 in 2017, on a onetime basis, for the parking study, with funding from the 2017 Council Contingency.

Tiny Homes May 21, 2019
Going to:
Urban Planning Committee

That Administration provide a report with an analysis of the tiny homes industry including tiny homes on wheels.

Medium Scale Housing Review May 21, 2019 Urban Planning Committee Motion - At the July 3, 2018
Going to: Urban Planning Committee


Registration Now Open for the 2019 Edmonton Infill Design Competition

18-08-15 Missing Middle design Competition - social media - 1200x630 - A - FINAL.jpg

Five City of Edmonton owned parcels of land at the northeast corner of 112 Avenue and 106 Street in the Spruce Avenue neighbourhood are up for redevelopment.  The City is soliciting proposals from multidisciplinary teams of architects and builders/developers from across Canada and abroad to design a multi-unit, medium-density, or ‘missing middle’, housing development on these lots.  The challenge is to submit an innovative design that is not only thoughtful of neighbourhood context, but also economically feasible, responds to local market conditions and advances the design ethic for infill in Edmonton.

The winning team will be given the opportunity to purchase the site and build their winning design, conditional upon rezoning approval.  The finished development will be used to inspire innovative ‘missing middle’ infill development in other parts of the city.

The 2019 competition has been endorsed by the Alberta Association of Architects and will be judged by  an esteemed national panel of judges that include:

  • Talbot Sweetapple, Architect (Halifax, NS)

  • Alex Bozikovic, Architectural Critic (Toronto, ON)

  • Hazel Borys, Planner (Winnipeg, MB)

  • Renée Daoust, Architect (Montreal, QC)

  • Gene Dub, Architect (Edmonton, AB)

The competition is part of Edmonton Infill Roadmap 2018 Action 5: Partner to pilot innovative housing. Visit edmontoninfilldesign.ca to learn more and register for the competition.
View the competition brief here.

Contact: Jason Syvixay, Principal Planner, jason.syvixay@edmonton.ca



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