After a review of the Operating and Capital budgets, IDEA is concerned that important City initiatives are unfunded that are essential to moving forward on creating a more economically and environmentally sustainable City through infill and densification.

We strongly encourage City Council to fund the following packages:

  • Impacts of Growth in the City #11: Phase II/III Municipal Development Plan/Transportation Master Plan (MDP/TMP) & Zoning Bylaw Renewal

  • Impacts of Growth in the City #12: Urban Growth - Infrastructure Analysis

  • Impacts of Growth in the City #13: Planning & Development Business Model

Reviewing and renewing our zoning bylaw is essential for moving forward with the new City vision. Industry and communities already struggle with a zoning bylaw that does not meet current needs. As we work to create a more compact, sustainable City, we need bylaws and policy that is forward thinking and aligns with these goals. Without these mechanisms, infill will continue to experience additional hurdles and we will struggle to realize the new City Vision and City Plan.

The Urban-Growth - Infrastructure Analysis is also foundational to the City Plan and to moving forward on infill. If we do not understand the current strengths and weaknesses of our existing infrastructure, prioritizing investment becomes challenging. New tools to facilitate infill are needed, and work has started on this. This is an important priority for leveling the playing field for the infill industry.  

The work being done on the Planning and Development Business Model will help clarify and streamline processes for industry and communities.

These three pieces of work are essential for aligning our Vision as a City with our strategic investments. They are all investments in creating a more economically and environmentally sustainable City.

We also encourage Council to invest in our core and mature neighbourhoods through infrastructure projects such as small recreation centers, complete streets and active transportation infrastructure. These public investments will help drive private investment in the communities where we need to grow

We did it! It is now official, Secondary Suites are now allowed throughout Edmonton in all single family homes, duplexes, semi-detached and, row housing!
Thank you to everyone who contacted their Councillor, it made a big difference! 

What exactly has changed?

  1. Allow secondary suites in semi-detached and duplex housing wherever these housing forms are allowed.

  2. Allow secondary suites in row housing wherever these housing forms are allowed.

  3. Remove the minimum lot size requirement for secondary suites, creating opportunities for secondary suites on narrow or smaller lots across the city.

  4. Adjust the maximum floor area for secondary suites built above grade, or partially above grade to increase flexibility in interior layout.




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