IDEA supports municipal budget approach to reduce subsidy on suburban growth  

Mayor Don Iveson presented his five point approach for the municipal budget on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018. He stated, "analysis shows that suburban growth has been significantly subsidized by existing tax payers and #yeg businesses. It's time to reset our approach to paying for this growth". The Infill Development in Edmonton Association (IDEA) strongly supports this approach to the budget, particularly rolling back the subsidy on suburban growth, and protecting the investments made in the city's core infrastructure. 

"At IDEA, we work to drive change toward people-centred communities. Our mission aligns with the Mayor's new vision that promotes sustainable growth. And part of the answer to sustainability is infill and redevelopment activities." says Mariah Samji, Executive Director of IDEA. 


"Infill is not just about developing on land in mature neighborhoods, it is also about promoting an integrated approach to transportation, infrastructure, community design and land use zoning. Infill helps to build a city that is livable, sustainable and affordable for all of us today and generations to come."


Crawford Block is a good example mixed-use urban redevelopment project. - Photo courtesy of Beljan Development 

We did it! It is now official, Secondary Suites are now allowed throughout Edmonton in all single family homes, duplexes, semi-detached and, row housing!
Thank you to everyone who contacted their Councillor, it made a big difference! 

What exactly has changed?

  1. Allow secondary suites in semi-detached and duplex housing wherever these housing forms are allowed.

  2. Allow secondary suites in row housing wherever these housing forms are allowed.

  3. Remove the minimum lot size requirement for secondary suites, creating opportunities for secondary suites on narrow or smaller lots across the city.

  4. Adjust the maximum floor area for secondary suites built above grade, or partially above grade to increase flexibility in interior layout.


Upcoming Policy Changes

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Bylaw Amendments to 109 Street Area Redevelopment Plan
September 17, 2018
City Council Public Hearing
Motion - At the September 11, 2017, City Council
Public Hearing, the following motion was made: That Administration consult with communities impacted by 109 Street Area Redevelopment Plan and prepare any appropriate amendments to the overlay created by Bylaw 18171. 

RA9 Supplementary Motion
September 17, 2018
Urban Planning Committee
Motion - At the June 11, 2018 City Council Public Hearing meeting, the following motion was passed:
That Administration complete further work on the High Rise Apartment Zone and provide proposed amendments on: a. regulations to address barriers to developments that meet the Supportive Community Provisions b. options to increase the maximum floor area for non-residential uses to ensure a commercial use podium could be built and return to a future City Council Public Hearing .



IDEA Drives Change Towards People Centered Communities
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