Vancouver — Livable Lanes: A Study of Laneway Infill Housing in Vancouver and Other Growing B.C. Communities

The term “laneway housing” or “carriage housing” refers to a detached form of infill housing that is ancillary to a principal dwelling and typically located in a rear yard and oriented towards the lane.

This research presents single-lot, laneway, infill housing as a key part of an overall residential intensification strategy that Canadian municipalities can use to help meet critical housing needs while meeting a range of other key sustainability objectives. Laneway infill housing can occur incrementally without requiring redevelopment or parcel assembly, which can be onerous in time and expense.

With a focus on Vancouver, this research establishes opportunities for expanding laneway housing and identifies a number of key barriers limiting or preventing its adoption. The results of the research are a set of specific recommendations and strategies that municipalities can use to overcome barriers to expanding this form of housing in residential neighbourhoods.