Vancouver/Williams Corridor Infill Strategy

The Vancouver / Williams Corridor in inner North / Northeast Portland is one of Portland’s oldest commercial districts – serving first as the downtown for the City of Albina, and later becoming the Main Street for Portland’s African-American community.

The Corridor is strategically located just north of Portland’s Central City, with proximity and ready access to key regional transportation routes, employment centers, meeting and entertainment venues, and shopping. As a result, the Vancouver / Williams area is now

A community planning effort led by the Vancouver / Williams Task Force has been underway for several years to capitalize on this new environment of opportunity for the Corridor. The goal has been to restore and enhance the historic vitality of the Corridor and nearby neighborhoods. Through the Task Force’s efforts, a shared community vision has emerged for the Corridor – one that is supported by area residents and businesses alike. At the heart of this vision is a strongly held communitywide belief – a desire that existing residents and businesses should benefit from new development as it occurs along the Vancouver / Williams Corridor.

Oregon — The Infill and Redevelopment Code Handbook

In a strong real estate market, infill and redevelopment may occur without supportive public policies. More often, coordination of public policies and private investment is required to encourage development of under-used and skipped-over areas. Such areas may be targeted for infill and redevelopment when adequate public facilities are available, or can be made available. There may also be active neighborhood support. The area may be important for economic, social, or cultural reasons. Under any of these scenarios, the public and the development community can benefit from strategies that encourage well-planned infill and redevelopment.